Harvest Moon Back to Nature – 2 Amazing Games That You Won’t Want to Miss

The Harvest Moon series has a lot of similarities and many differences, but one thing is for sure, there are some items and characters that you cannot help but adore. One of these would be the home screen. The Harvest Moon games let players immerse themselves in their own little farm world while managing their own crops, animals, and finances.

This title was released as part of the entire series and is only available through the download site, but I’m happy to report that it’s a completely different game from the others. The game starts out with a story similar to the one in Harvest Moon Resort. Players are asked to choose from two main characters in the game, one for each gender. I’m going to talk about all of them and what makes them different.

The most noticeable is probably the one for the lucky goat named Mikey. His brother is always hunting him down and causing mischief, which is the reason he was chosen to be the mascot of the farm. Players will meet several members of his family, but as I mentioned, this is only the beginning.

As the player gets deeper into the story, they will discover that there are three even weirder odd species of creatures that call the Farm home. The first one is the “chew”, which looks like a pink tooth that can be seen underneath the mouth. You’ll find these on various objects like leaves and wood, while the others are giant bugs that eat everything.

They may not seem much at first, but these critters have something in common with the Harvest Moon toys. They each have their own unique personalities. So while you’re walking around the farms and enjoying the game, you’ll have the chance to play with them and bond with them by interacting with them and even feeding them.

There’s also a name-calling duo that you can enjoy hanging out with, Big Brother and Little Sister. You may find them eating the food or running off into the woods by nightfall.

You also get to meet some other cute farm animals like the squirrels, rabbits, and the pig. While some are already familiar to players, like the sheep, and chickens, the rest are unique and would be worth keeping an eye on. The one you choose will influence which farm you’ll visit the most during the game.

Many other goodies like the key chains and posters are available as well. The more items you purchase, the better your collection will be. Some of the key chains have familiar names like Charlie, Tommy, and others.

You get to save the whole town when you start back up from the first game, but keep in mind that the later games will be harder and more difficult. So if you want to experience the adventures of your farm boys, it would be best to complete the earlier ones first.

Even though this download only consists of the basic game, it’s still highly recommended that you play it. The game itself is a blast and offers a nice challenge, not to mention a good experience.

I know it may sound cliche, but the game is worth it. The characters are cute and fun to play with, and the overall storyline is easy to follow.